Dog Grooming

Doodie-dooHere at Ultimate Pet Spa, we have a passion for grooming and go beyond our competitors when it comes to customer satifaction.

We pay particular attention to the grooms we give to your pets, whether it is a standard breed cut or a customer's special request.

Treat your pet to our extra special attention!
Whether it is a full haircut or just a bath, all of our packages include shampoo, conditioner, nails filed and ears cleaned at no additional cost.

Show your dog your love with a flea bath to get rid of those pesky fleas or a teeth cleaning.

Don't Forget! Dental hygeine is important for your pet's health. We employ the latest techniques in dental care for your pet to remove tartar and plaque from their teeth.

Except maybe You... No one pampers your pet more than we do.

We strive to maintain a kennel free environment.

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